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Covington 2013 Sanitary Sewer Overflow Report Available
Covington Announces 2013 Accomplishments
The Accomplishments of the village of Covington for the year 2013 are available under ( read more )
2014 Park Shelter Reservations
We are now taking reservations for the park shelters for 2014. ( read more )
Police Beat
Officers responded to suspicious activity in the 100 block of Walnut St.
Assist Squad
Officers Assisted the rescue squad on Mote Dr.
Civil Dispute
Officers responded to a civil dispute in the 200 block of S. Wall St.
A look back at the Covington 175th Anniversary Festival...
The Covington 175th Anniversary Festival was a highlight of the summer of 2010 in Covington. The photo above, taken from the roof of the Buckeye Insurance Group building, shows a large crowd enjoying the Beatles tribute band "The Return". Many memories were made during the festival which will not be soon forgotten. R. Christopher Haines photo.
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Village-wide Garage Sales - May 30, and 31, 2014
The Village of Covington Council has named May 30, and 31, 2014 as the Village-wide garage sale ( read more )
Monday - Apr 21 2014
Council Meeting 7:00 P.M. 
Monday - Apr 21 2014
Council Meeting 7:00 P.M. 
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